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Just 15 minutes from the center of the capital of Madrid, we find a true jewel about which we could say without mistake that it is one of the best places to live not only in Madrid, but in all of Spain. It is the residential neighborhood of Valdemarín, a dream place where peace and tranquility reign.


The magnificent neighborhood of Valdemarín is located in the northwest of Madrid, in the district of Moncloa – Aravaca and enjoys a privileged environment bordering to the north with Monte El Pardo and Príncipe de Viana Street, to the east with the Hippodrome of Zarzuela, to the west with Proción Street and to the south with Padre Huidobro Avenue. To be more exact, Valdemarín is located between the M-40, the La Coruña highway and the Hippodrome.

Also called the Beverly Hills of Madrid, the luxurious neighborhood of Valdemarín is located in the middle of nature and surrounded by green areas, these being some of the reasons why this beautiful place has a great residential demand.

Hippodrome of Zarzuela
Hippodrome of Zarzuela
Monte de El Pardo
Monte de El Pardo
Views of Madrid from Monte de El Pardo
Views of Madrid from Monte de El Pardo

Residence in Valdemarín

With 16,413 inhabitants, Valdemarín is an exceptional residential area in the city of Madrid whose excellent real estate offer pleasantly surprises on all occasions.

Its buildings of a maximum of four heights and being surrounded by the Monte de El Pardo and the Casa de Campo make living in Valdemarín, surrounded by nature, a very pleasant and exclusive experience. This fascinating place not only provides unique sensations when walking through its wide avenues, but also transmits peace, tranquility and manages to delight us each time with the beautiful colors of its green areas that merge with the Madrid sky on the horizon.

In recent years, in Valdemarín, we can see a considerable increase in new construction promotions, which is why it is a neighborhood in which many houses are new or recently built. If we are guided by type of property, the development of this neighborhood is largely due to the increase in the supply and quality of single-family homes.

The construction of new houses in Valdemarín, in recent years, has arisen to respond to the growing demand for this type of residence in the Madrid capital. This is the case, for example, of this beautiful standalone house whose qualities are truly exceptional and without being a new construction, its construction is recent. It is a house about which we could clearly say that it has been built with the future in mind, especially in caring for the environment. It is a modern home that stands out for being ecological, with high security, it has a very high energy efficiency (Class A), geothermal heating, its own legalized well and even its own small orchard.

Eco Friendly Standalone House with Garden in Valdemarín
Eco Friendly Standalone House with Garden in Valdemarín

Valdemarín’s real estate offer does not only consist of houses, whether they are standalone, detached or semi-detached, in this beautiful neighborhood you can find any type of home that interests you: flats, penthouses with splendid views, duplexes, ground floor apartments with gardens and more. These last ones are excellent residences that are located in gated communities with 24-hour security and surveillance, they have large garden areas, swimming pools, gyms, a children’s play area, tennis and paddle tennis courts, etc.

Panoramic view of Valdemarin
Panoramic view of Valdemarin
Flats Urbanization in Valdemarín
Flats Urbanization in Valdemarín

Whatever type of home you are looking for in Valdemarín, at Ketier we assure you that no detail will be lacking and that living in any house in this magnificent neighborhood, whether in a house or a flat, will be a luxury experience in which you will enjoy every moment with all the comforts.


In terms of security, Valdemarín is one of the safest urbanizations not only in Madrid or Spain, but in the world. Apart from being a safe area itself that has gated communities with 24-hour security and surveillance and most of the houses have systems installed that provide high security, several embassies and the National Intelligence Center (CNI) are located in Valdemarín.

Another reason why Valdemarín is a very safe neighborhood is that the Zarzuela Palace, the official residence of the King and Queen of Spain, is just eight minutes away by car, so living here, especially with children, is a security and well-being guarantee.


Living in Valdemarín with school-age children is a luxury. Apart from being an exclusive residential area with prime homes and close to Madrid, the surroundings of this fantastic neighborhood have a multitude of prestigious schools, including the Estudio College, usually among the first two in Spain in different rankings, the Mater Salvatoris College and Santa Maria de los Rosales College.

Valdemarín is without a doubt an ideal neighborhood for families with children, which provides parents with the peace of mind of knowing that their children will study in the best schools in Spain and very close to home.


Valdemarín is the place par excellence for sports lovers. Its location in the middle of nature allows its inhabitants to enjoy all sports and outdoor activities. Riding a bike, running, having a picnic, or simply taking a walk are activities that are enjoyed here in a very special way. In addition, Valdemarín has two social clubs, the Couder Valdemarín Tennis Club and the David Lloyd Club Aravaca where you can practice tennis, paddle tennis, swimming and various gym activities.


As it could not be otherwise, Valdemarín is a pioneer neighborhood in health issues. Here you can live with total peace of mind knowing that if necessary you will be attended by the best specialists. The neighborhood has two prestigious medical centers, as well as two prestigious clinics, La Zarzuela Hospital and Nisa Pardo de Aravaca Hospital.


Valdemarín is located just 11km from the city of Madrid, which makes it one of the most accessible urbanizations and close to the capital both by car and by public transport.

The fastest way to get from Madrid to Valdemarín and vice versa is by car on the M-500 highway, the A6 highway or the M-30 highway and the A-6 highway.

If we talk about public transport, the fantastic Valdemarín urbanization is connected to the capital of Madrid through urban bus lines 161 (Moncola – Aravaca Sur) and 162 (Moncloa – El Barrial).

The neighborhood does not have a commuter station, metro stop or light rail, which gives it even more tranquility.

The closest commuter station to Valdemarín are Aravaca (C-7 and C-10, Aravaca neighbourhood), which can be reached via EMT line 161, and El Barrial – Pozuelo Shopping Center (C-7 and C -10, neighborhood of El Plantío), which can be reached via line 162.

The nearest metro and light rail stops are Moncloa (lines 3 and 6) which can be reached by buses 161 and 162, and Aravaca Station (line ML2) by line 161.

Living in Valdemarín is living in a unique and privileged place, in the middle of nature, surrounded by green areas, with a multitude of services, a wide range of leisure and shops, an exquisite gastronomy and in dream houses

If you want to buy or rent a house in Valdemarín, Aravaca, contact us, we will be happy to present you the best chalets and apartments where you can enjoy an exceptional quality of life in one of the most exclusive residential neighborhoods in the northwest of Madrid.

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