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A standalone house is a single-family home whose construction is isolated from any other building. This type of home does not share a wall, ceiling or floor with another property, it has independent access from the street, field or path and may or may not have its own garden plot.

The fact of not having adjoining walls with other homes makes the standalone house one of the most desired homes.

Advantages of living in a standalone house:

There is greater privacy and comfort since there is no adjoining property.
Standalone houses are usually larger than flats, row houses or semidetached houses, so thy have more more space.
They are silent homes since no walls or plot are shared with neighbors and they are in quiet urbanizations.
They allow greater personalization of the home since modifications of any nature can be made, without the need to request the approval of the neighborhood community.
They provide greater flexibility when choosing the type of energy installation you want to use in your home.
The property can have windows on all its walls which will make it have, if you wish, more light.

Living in a standalone house is a luxury and will provide you with a high-quality lifestyle with all the necessary amenities. We invite you to discover the best standalone houses located in the most exclusive urbanizations in the Northwest of Madrid.


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