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An attic is the top floor (living space) of a building, usually set back. It is usually lower in ceiling than the lower floors and is built to conceal the start of the roof or sometimes for ornamentation. It is the top floor of the building, sometimes a roof terrace. This last floor is a little deeper than the rest of the floors so that the roof is more hidden and does not reach the façade, although it may be in the undercover.

To be considered a penthouse and not a top floor, the penthouse must have a private terrace.

We also emphasize that an attic should not be confused with a loft because they are not the same. An attic can be a mansard attic (located in the basement) but a mansard is not always an attic since the mansard is the part of a building located just below the roof, with a sloping roof and intended for housing.

Living in an attic presents a series of advantages that must not be lost sight of:

The most notable advantage of living in an attic is the light that this type of home has.
Having one or more terraces to enjoy the good weather is another positive assessment by people who choose this type of home.
You can enjoy exceptional views.
The penthouses have greater privacy and intimacy.
Living in an attic means living with greater peace of mind since this type of property is more silent.
Penthouses are a good investment, which are part of the safest investment category, since it is a type of exclusive housing with high demand.

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