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In real estate terms, a flat is a set of spaces/rooms that make up an independent dwelling in a multi-storey building.

Buying a flat is one of the most common decisions both for people who want to live alone and for couples and families.

Living in an apartment is an excellent option that has multiple advantages:

The maintenance costs of a flat are considerably lower than those of a house.
The apartments are functional and cosy.
They can be heated more easily.
They allow you to have a closer relationship with the neighbors.
They have more security.
The floors are easier to reform.
The luxury and apartment concepts are not mutually exclusive, since there is a wide variety of apartments with exclusive services and amenities.
Many apartments have a terrace, which allows you to also enjoy life outdoors.

If you want to live in an apartment with all the comforts, located in one of the best luxury residential developments in the northwest of Madrid, at Ketier we offer you our services and extensive experience in the real estate sector to help you find the home you deserve. .


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