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A duplex is a house that is made up of two floors (plants) connected to each other by an internal staircase. The main objective of this type of construction is to take advantage of space, which is why it is a more common type of property in large cities.

We present a series of advantages of living in a duplex:

The size of a duplex is greater than that of a flat, so in general square meters and comfort are gained.
In most cases, it enjoys greater luminosity.
The duplex offers the possibility of making better use of the available space and creating two totally different spaces. In general, one of the spaces is used as a living room and kitchen and the other space is used as bedrooms and bathrooms.
Its construction entails significant economic savings in the materials used.
The duplexes are ideal homes for families with children since they allow differentiating the spaces and thus creating one exclusively for the smallest of the house.
They usually have a garden or terrace.

From an etymological point of view, the word duplex has its origin in the Latin adjective duplex, which means double.

If you are looking for a duplex in the northwest of Madrid, at Ketier we will be delighted to present you with magnificent homes of this type, at a good price and fully adapted to your needs.



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