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One of the best areas to live in the northwest of Madrid is indisputably Las Rozas, a municipality that belongs to the Community of Madrid.

Located just 18 kilometers from the capital, Las Rozas was formerly a land of crops and was among the first municipalities in Spain to be connected by highway, when the Northwest highway (A6) was inaugurated in 1967.

With a population of almost 100,000 inhabitants, Las Rozas has become a privileged place to live, it is the second richest municipality in Madrid, it has a wide range of services and provides an excellent quality of life.

Excellent communications

Las Rozas is a municipality that has fantastic communications and proximity to the capital, it is accessible from the A6, M-50 and M-505 highways, it has direct bus lines to the center of Madrid, by car or taxi you can get there in just 17 minutes, it has a super light metro and also a railroad from the three commuter stations, Las Rozas (Center), El Pinar and Las Matas. This incredible municipality limits to the south with Majadahonda, to the north with the municipality of Torrelodones, to the west with Galapagar and Villanueva del Pardillo and to the east with the neighborhood of El Pardo.

Apart from its privileged location, its inhabitants also value the quality of the homes that this municipality houses and that is why many people want to establish their residence here, buy an apartment in the center of Las Rozas or buy a house in one of its exclusive urbanizations.

Las Rozas, an oasis of green spaces and sports areas

Another claim of Las Rozas are its green spaces and its multitude of sports areas. The municipality itself is a residential nucleus within the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares Regional Park. Las Rozas was elected in 2016 the European City of Sports. Here is the Las Rozas City Football, the headquarters of the Spanish team inaugurated on May 12, 2003. The municipality has four municipal sports centers, Navalcarbón, Alfredo Espinela, Entremontes and Las Matas. In them you can enjoy the pools, play tennis, paddle tennis or do gymnastics.

Always at the forefront, Las Rozas also has CrossFit centers, including Crossfit Las Rozas and Crossfit Soforem located in the Európolis Business Park.

Lovers of nature and outdoor sports will also find Las Rozas the ideal place to live as it has magnificent public parks and green areas. One of the best areas to find a home is the Paris Park area, a quiet place, with a lake where you can enjoy playing sports in the open air, taking walks or simply contemplating the beauty of nature tinged with green. Other parks of inestimable beauty are London Park, Montecillo Park and Dublin Park. And if your passion is golf, Las Rozas offers many options for you to relax and enjoy your hobby, such as the New Madrid Golf Club better known as Las Matas Golf Club.

Las Rozas also has the Pinar de Navalcarbón, a true oxygen lung with an area of 120,000 m², located between the A6 road and the M-50 road (near the commercial city of Európolis). It is a natural space full of pine trees, bushes, trails, a splendid artificial river that follows the course of the old channel of the Guadarrama waterway and a recreational area with swings and tables. This place is ideal to spend a few hours or why not? the whole day enjoying nature with family or friends, taking a walk, riding a bike, having a picnic or running on the fantastic Chema Martínez circuit. History enthusiasts will be able to contemplate here different stone and concrete forts from the Spanish Civil War, as well as petroglyph sculptures in the open air.


The climate of this beautiful municipality is also very pleasant, the winters are mild, with three or four degrees less than in the capital and in summer, living in Las Rozas is a real luxury since it is a little cooler.


If you want to enjoy an excellent theatre play, in Las Rozas will not be difficult, here you will find the Municipal Auditorium, the Mira Theater, the Carmen Conde House of Culture, and the Parque Paris Theater.

This municipality has an intense, varied, quality and accessible cultural life that allows its citizens to enjoy art at all times of the year.

Las Rozas also has three very good libraries: León Tolstoi, Las Rozas and Las Matas.

Fantastic offer of leisure, shops and a careful gastronomy

Las Rozas also stands out for its incredible shops (around 2,700) and leisure areas, with shops of the best brands, restaurant areas, cinemas, hairdressers, supermarkets, etc. Among them we highlight the El Burgo Centro shopping center, Las Rozas Village with its impressive architecture, the exclusive Europolis Zone and the Heron City shopping center located in a splendid green area with parks and views of the Sierra de Madrid.

Las Rozas has an exquisite gastronomy that boasts tasty national and international dishes.

Areas to live in Las Rozas

If what you are looking for is a luxury residence in a privileged environment, Las Rozas de Madrid will exceed your expectations.

Las Rozas is divided into three districts: center, north and south.

Some excellent areas to live in Las Rozas are: Punta Galea (with spectacular luxury standalone houses), Golf Club, La Chopera, Montecillo (an ideal area to buy a penthouse), Peñascales, Rozas Center (with minimalist design flats in quiet urbanizations with swimming pools), Yucatán – Las Cornisas, Molino de la Hoz, Las Matas, Marazuela – El Torreón, El Burgo, Europolis, Monte Rozas, El Cantizal (incredible penthouses and ground floors with large gardens).

From Ketier we invite you to discover and choose your favorite area and we will be happy to accompany you to present the best houses in Las Rozas and find your next home here.

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