What is aerothermal energy and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

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What is aerothermal energy?

Today we talk about energy efficiency and one of the news is aerothermal energy, a renewable energy source that allows us to cover our heating, cooling and sanitary hot water needs. It is one of the most efficient technologies that exist and that uses the energy of the air to air-condition the spaces and produce sanitary hot water.

Aerothermal energy is based on the transport of thermal energy from one space to another. Its operation is possible thanks to a device called a heat pump whose function is to transfer heat from the environment (air, water or earth) to a building or home by reversing the natural flow of heat. For this, a refrigerant gas is used in a closed thermodynamic cycle.

Advantages of aerothermal energy

  • It is a natural and inexhaustible energy that does not use fossil fuels.
  • It represents a great saving since, of the total energy consumption, 70% comes from the heat extracted from the air and only 30% is of electrical origin. Aerothermal heating is approx. 30% cheaper than gas heating.
  • A single appliance is needed (with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit) that provides heating, cooling and domestic hot water.
  • You don’t need a fireplace.
  • The equipment is very safe, installation is simple and maintenance costs are very low.
  • It is not necessary to contract a gas, LPG or diesel supply.
  • It does not generate smoke or waste since there is no combustion.
  • It is an efficient equipment since it can be used both in summer and winter (cooling, heating).
  • Compared to a traditional heating system, whose useful life is approximately ten years, a heat pump has an average useful life of between 20 and 25 years. The only element that can fail before this time is the compressor whose replacement is quite simple and does not have a high cost.

Disadvantages of aerothermal energy

  • The initial investment in the equipment is high, but at the same time the return on the investment does not take long (around 4 years).
  • It has low performance in very cold climatic zones, therefore, its installation in areas with very low temperatures (sub-zero temperature) is not recommended. In this case we recommend the hybrid aerothermal installation that combines the low power heat pump with a gas condensing boiler.
  • It cannot be installed in any home since part of the installation is carried out outside.
  • The aesthetics of the home or building may be affected.
  • To optimize its efficiency, it is necessary to have underfloor heating or low-temperature radiators in the house.
  • For its correct operation it is necessary to increase the contracted power of electricity, so the fixed part of the electricity bill is higher.

Due to its many advantages, at Ketier we recommend the installation of an aerothermal unit in your home if your situation allows it. The most important reason is without a doubt that aerothermal energy is clean energy and its use is a great contribution to caring for the environment.

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